Special Premieres at Theatre of NOTE!

Premiere 2

Thanks to everyone who attended the SOLD-OUT premiere of Special at Theatre of NOTE (and for information and tickets to upcoming performances throughout the holiday season and into January, please visit SpecialThePlay.com!

Premiere !


Broadway World reviews SPECIAL!


“Laughs abound from start to finish…” — Broadway World gives SPECIAL a thumbs up! (And for tickets and information, please visit SpecialThePlay.com!)

Special Enters Tech Week!

Cooking up one of the multimedia bits we’ll be adding to the show as Special at Theatre of NOTE enters Tech Week (with Paris Benjamin as Farrah Fawcett, Lance Guest as Marcello Mastroianni, and Aaron Saldana and Marty Yu behind the camera). And for more star-studded information (and tickets to the show), please visit SpecialThePlay.com!

Meet the Crew: Jared M. Boone

MEET THE CREW: Team Special’s video animator JARED M. BOONE is a nocturnal artist who has studied fine art, animation, illustration, and character design. He has spent many years drawing at theme parks and nerd conventions, weddings and non-profits, and also random living rooms abroad the United States. When not working on illustration projects or drawing portraits and caricatures, he is likely brainstorming concepts of the sci fi, adventure, or spooky variety alongside his peers. He posts his work on Instagram as MegaJaredZX. Jared currently resides in San Bernadino County with his three-legged dutch rabbit, Metaknight. (And for tickets and information, please visit SpecialThePlay.com!)

L.A. Daily News Interview About Special!


Extra, extra! The L.A. Daily News just posted a great article on SPECIAL (featuring this photo of the lovely and talented Paris Benjamin, Lance Guest, and Marty Yu (who constructed the incredibly awesome non-copyright-infringing wookie suit he’s wearing). And, as always, please visit SpecialThePlay.com  for tickets and information on the soon-to-be-holiday classic!

A Talking Bay 94 Shout-Out to SPECIAL!

Miki Herman

“They’re having a play in Los Angeles…about The Star Wars Holiday Special, the behind the scenes stuff, and it’s supposed to be hysterically funny so I’m gonna go see that.” — Miki Herman (former assistant to George Lucas), reminiscing about her work on the actual special on Episode 26 of the Talking Bay 94 podcast! If you’d like to join Miki, tickets to SPECIAL are available at SpecialThePlay.com (and click here for Miki’s whole interview)!


A Very Special Wired.com Shout-Out!

Thanks to Wired.com for the shout-out to our world premiere backstage history of the “all-singing, all-dancing, all-wookie-ing” Star Wars Holiday Special, coming this holiday season to Theatre of NOTE in Hollywood, CA!  (And for tix and info, please visit SpecialThePlay.com!)