Vamos: The Pixies’ Farewell to T.T. the Bear’s, Boston, MA (6/18/15)


by Andrew Osborne

On May 19, 2015, The Boston Globe reported that the Cambridge, MA dive bar T.T. the Bear’s Place would be closing its doors for good on July 25th of the same year thanks to a steep rent hike coupled with the fact that the club’s 73-year-old owner Bonney Bouley had already been pondering retirement.

According to the article, T.T.’s general manager Kevin Patey was hoping a few of the local and national acts who’d performed at the venue over the years would return for some farewell gigs in the final days, adding: “Hey, if the Pixies wanna come back and play here, they’re more than welcome.”

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Who Is The Female Hamm?

by Andrew Osborne

The following statement may not stand up to National Institute of Science standards of peer review, but I’m fairly certain it’s 100% accurate:  all ladies love Hamm.

Not Don Draper, the caddish crybaby of AMC’s stylish soap Mad Men, though the character’s sexy dark side (and suave ’60s style) rocketed the actor who played him into the erotic reveries of straight women (and gay men) everywhere from the moment he first strode the halls of Sterling Cooper back in 2007. Oh, sure, Draper may be wealthy and well-dressed, but he’s also a philandering alcoholic asshole, whereas his real-life counterpart is both rich and famous (with a healthy Hammaconda), as well as funny and faithful (more or less) to his long-time paramour…and, well, okay, sure, he’s also a recovering alcoholic and he allegedly set fire to a guy’s pants once back in college. Continue reading ‘Who Is The Female Hamm?’

The Top Five Films I Saw At SXSW 2015


by Andrew Osborne

According to Boston Magazine, the term FoMO (“Fear of Missing Out”) was coined by a marketing strategist back in 2000, but the basic concept has been perfected by the annual South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX. Boasting 145 feature films over the course of ten days in its 2015 incarnation (not to mention dozens of shorts and videos, panels, day parties, an impressive roster of live comedy shows, an interactive conference, hundreds of bands playing in every nook and cranny of the city, etc., etc., etc.), the event known as SXSW might as well be called ADHD.

In other words, it’s literally impossible to see more than a fraction of the screenings on offer (spread across ten venues throughout the Texas capital), but here are five titles that made an impression in the midst of this year’s movie-going madness.

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Screengrab In Exile Live Blogs the 2015 Oscars!


by Andrew Osborne, et al.

Watch this space (and @NewBaitShop on the Twit) for Oscar Red Carpet & Awards badinage and repartee from yours truly, Amy Jeglinski-Osborne, Heidi Cron, Merv Jeglinski-Osborne, special cyberspace guests, and maybe even…YOU!

5:44 PM – Since all the snow in the world is currently in New England, there’s no parking in our neighborhood, which means it’s just Amy, Merv and me on the couch here on Hooker Avenue, with the rest of the world checking in electronically.  Amy’s currently predicting that Marion Cotillard will win the Red Carpet…and she also thinks Anna Kendrick’s already out of the competition with a pretty dress…pretty boring.

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Four Oscar Myths

by Andrew Osborne

It’s Oscar season, which means it’s time for entertainment bloggers and reporters to regurgitate timeworn tales of Sacheen Littlefeather accepting Marlon Brando’s Best Actor Oscar for The Godfather, that streaker running past David Niven, and the following four tired Oscar myths which your pals at Screengrab in Exile would officially like to retire once and for all.

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Orphans & Oddities: Recreation Brochures by Andrew Osborne



 While you’re in Alabama, go “Back to Avalon” and visit KENNY LOGGINS KOUNTRY!

Just forty minutes from Dollywood, KENNY LOGGINS KOUNTRY is 44 acres of “Footloose” Family Fun!

Drop by the Loggins and Messina Hoedown Hall to prove that your mama can dance and your daddy can rock and roll!  Then climb aboard Kenny’s Kaddyshack II Karts and prove that you’re “Nobody’s Fool (Theme to Caddyshack II)” on Kenny’s 10-hole miniature golf kourse!

Maybe you’ll meet Kenny himself as you ride “Halfway Across the Sky” on the Over The Top® SkyTram!  Thrill seekers can venture into “The Danger Zone” where a ride in Kenny’s Kockpit is sure to make you feel like a Top Gun.



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Golden Globes 2015: The Live Tweets

by Andrew, Amy & Merv Osborne

Amy Osborne and I will be watching the Golden Globes red carpet starting around 6pm-ish…so be sure to join us for enlightened commentary here on the Faceplace and on Twitter @NewBaitShop (because, yes, I’m one of THOSE people now)!

Just a few hours to go until the start of the red carpet…ladies and gentlemen, snark your engines!

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