Special on Trash Compactor!

Special’s been in Carbonite for a while but check out this new episode of the Trash Compactor podcast to hear a discussion of our new upcoming graphic novel!

Socially Distanced Special!

Sure, COVID put the kibosh on this year’s scheduled SPECIAL revival in L.A. — but it turns out the show will manage to gasp out at least one live performance in 2020! Yes, the Force will Bea Arthur on 12/5 at 6:00 PM (Eastern) when the Plays for Fun! group will randomly draw roles and cold read the script on Zoom with no foreknowledge of the Life Day wonders awaiting them! For more information, just click the link, join their Facebook group, and stay tuned!

Special at Phoenix Creative Collective!

Missed Special in L.A. during the 2018 holiday season?  Well, the Force is with you again since you can now celebrate Life Day 2019 with the new Phoenix Creative Collective production of Andrew Osborne’s true-ish comedy about the backstage drama behind the worst variety show in the galaxy (December 5-8, 2019 in Merced, CA)!

May the Fourth of July Be With You!


SPECIAL cruises at ColoradoBoulevard.net!


ColoradoBoulevard.net says our new comedy about the Star Wars Holiday Special is “SPECIAL” Fare for Fun-Loving Space Nerds…our ideal target demographic! (And check out SpecialThePlay.com for info & tickets to our FINAL TWO WEEKENDS!

Stage Raw Reviews SPECIAL!


“Six talented actors play practically half of Hollywood as they slip into the personas of various actors, directors, writers, producers and executives (a total of 44 characters). Jennifer Hugus plays a level-headed Marcia Lucas as well as the bubbly, songwriting Mitzi. Paris Benjamin portrays a young, glassy-eyed Carrie Fisher, and Lance Guest takes on a moody Harrison Ford. Alex Elliot-Funk plays the flamboyant comedian Bruce and also acts as the story’s unofficial narrator. Marty Yu is particularly exciting to watch as his ten characters differ most broadly. His best scenes are when two of his characters engage in a dialogue — it’s quite the comical achievement. Finally, Rich Lehman is hilarious in his nuanced portrayal of a stony-faced George Lucas.  Aaron Saldana’s video design helps set the scene right off the bat…The show is a good time for fans of Star Wars. You do not have to have seen The Star Wars Holiday Special to enjoy it, but a love for the franchise is a must. So sit back, relax, and — as they say in this show — “May the Force Bea Arthur.”

Thanks to Stage Raw for the great review of SPECIAL (and click here for the full review)!


SPECIAL in The Laughing Place!

I missed posting this one earlier, but here’s a shout-out about SPECIAL from LaughingPlace.com in honor of our great second weekend crowds and the show’s amazing, hard-working cast and crew! (And, as always, please visit SpecialThePlay.com for tickets and information!)

Andrew Osborne on Double Toasted


Thanks to Korey Coleman and Martin Thomas for speaking with Andrew Osborne on the Double Toasted podcast (around 2:09:00) about — you guessed it — ’70s TV, The Star Wars Holiday Special and SpecialThePlay.com!

Lance Guest & Marty Yu on the Nooner Podcast!


SPECIAL star Marty Yu interviews his fellow castmate Lance Guest on the latest episode of the Nooner podcast (at 41:15)! (And for tickets and information about their world premiere holiday comedy at Theatre of NOTE, please visit https://specialtheplay.com!)

Broadway World reviews SPECIAL!


“Laughs abound from start to finish…” — Broadway World gives SPECIAL a thumbs up! (And for tickets and information, please visit SpecialThePlay.com!)