I Was Dreaming When I Wrote This


by Scott Von Doviak

Prince is dead and I don’t feel so good myself. 2016 is already notorious as the year the music died, but this is the rock ‘n roll tombstone I dreaded most, the bullet I thought I dodged last week when Prince’s plane made an emergency landing and he was rumored to be at death’s door. When that proved to be a false alarm (at least temporarily), I made a mental note to see Prince next time he came to town because, after all, who knows when it might be the last time? Well, the last time will never come, hard as it is to believe. So all I have are memories, presented here in roughly chronological order…

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SXSW 2016: The Rest of the Fest


by Andrew Osborne

Last week, I posted my Top Five of SXSW 2016, and now it’s time for the honorable mentions & also-rans, starting with…


Thought-provoking and (during at least one SXSW post-screening Q&A) argument-sparking, Matt Ornstein’s documentary examines racial discrimination through the eyes of Daryl Davis, a black musician who befriends white supremacists in hopes of changing the world, one Klansman & neo-Nazi at a time.

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The Five Best Films I Saw At SXSW 2016


by Andrew Osborne


Winner of both the SXSW 2016 Jury and Audience Awards for Best Documentary, director Keith Maitland’s animated/non-fiction hybrid depicting the 1966 mass shooting at the University of Texas is roughly an hour of the most gripping drama I’ve seen in years, followed by about 30 minutes of pretty good gun control advocacy.

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SXSW Review: Preacher


by Andrew Osborne

A sneak peek of AMC’s lollapalooza new series Preacher screened on 3/14 to a packed house at Austin’s Paramount movie palace during the SXSW film/music/interactive festival in advance of the show’s official 5/22 launch. Reactions were decidedly mixed.

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by Andrew Osborne

At some point (probably as part of my Best of 2016 bloggage), I’ll write a full post on why I think THE PEOPLE VS. O.J. SIMPSON is the most timely, entertaining, angrifying, and generally spectacular TV production since THE WIRE (thanks to its layered shades of moral relativism, ever-shifting rooting interests & gut-punch portrayals of realpolitik cynicism vs. naive idealism). And at that time, I’ll rave about the amazing writing, directing, and casting (including, tonight, the stellar addition of Robert Morse as Dominick Dunne)…but for now, allow me to share another of my favorite O.J. memories: i.e., when my parents came to visit me in L.A. around the time of the trial and I took them on a tour of the Bundy crime scene and the Rockingham estate, complete with a high speed drive between the two locations to see if the prosecution’s claims were plausible — they were — and my father nearly convincing me to hop over the fence at O.J.’s place to take a look around while my mother threatened to disavow us both if we actually did.

2016 Oscar Live Tweets


by Andrew Osborne

Andrew Osborne‏@NewBaitShop 17h17 hours ago

Okay…My wife & I are fortifying ourselves with pizza & onion rings…a vapid model’s being vapid on E! It’s #Oscar2016 time!

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6-8 Weeks (331)

by Andrew Osborne

That’s how long it will take for the print edition of Building Heaven to be approved for sales on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

And if it’s not approved and I have to start all over again with different formatting…well, I’ll bitch about that bridge when I come to it.


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