“After Last Season” Destroyed?


The strange saga of After Last Season has taken another bizarre twist. First there was the baffling trailer, which set off a wave of speculation amongst the film bloggerati. Was it for real? Or an insidious viral marketing campaign for another movie entirely? Then the movie itself arrived in a small handful of theaters nationwide, and a few hardy souls, including yours truly, set forth to witness its mysteries. Now world’s number one After Last Season fan and chief officer of Pineapple Club (“the exclusive club for anyone who has seen After Last Season“) Nick Robinson is reporting that all existing prints of the film will be destroyed after tonight’s screenings – by order of director Mark Region himself!

At this very hour, a frantic saga is unfolding in the twitterverse, where Robinson is feverishly working to come up with a plan to save After Last Season. “Lemme just put this out there: I will pay money for a print of AFTER LAST SEASON. A good amount of money…One half of Index Square just emailed me – didn’t know about this. MARK REGION HAS GONE ROGUE!…I have failed.Unless one of the messages comes through, I have failed. Tonight is the last night that AFTER LAST SEASON will exist.”

The most recent report: “I will be going either to save AFTER LAST SEASON or to bury it at 9:55 in Lancaster.” Will this last ditch effort succeed? Or will the strangest cult movie of the year simply cease to exist?

UPDATE: The latest word from Nick Robinson on Twitter: “Index Square got back to me, says it’s ‘a security measure’ for future theatrical releases then DVD… Not sure I believe them.”


2 Responses to ““After Last Season” Destroyed?”

  1. 1 screengrabx June 12, 2009 at 8:18 pm

    Andy Kaufman…alive?!??!?!?!

  1. 1 A banana a day keeps the madness away « Cinebaap Trackback on June 19, 2009 at 2:32 am

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