The waiting is the hardest part: 32 of our most anticipated 2010 entertainments

by Leonard Pierce & the A.V. Club gang

1. The return of Chuck (premières January 10)
Almost as soon as Chuck’s much-improved second season began last year, speculation about its fate raged; in spite of a major reboot that included attention to serialized show elements; a much looser, funnier ensemble; and an unabashed embrace of nerdtastic pop-culture references, the show wasn’t drawing a crowd. Websites with “Save Chuck” headlines popped up all over the place, and star Zachary Levi orchestrated an outing to show-sponsor Subway that numbered in the hundreds. Finally, at almost the 11th hour, NBC came through with a third-season order, and show-runner Josh Schwartz has ensured it will thank supporters in a big way. Just when the Chuck’s-on-the-sidelines formula was growing stale, Schwartz shook things up by imprinting Chuck with a host of new spy skills—à la The Matrix—and thus Levi will be at center stage again. Expect many Casey witticisms, too.

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