Nick Schager Reviews Daybreakers

fter the dreary imitativeness of their horror-comedy debut Undead, the Spierig brothers find themselves once again on derivative ground with Daybreakers, a story situated in a future world where the dominant population consists of vampires who hunt the last vestiges of humanity for blood. Unfortunately, with mankind on the brink of extinction, a blood shortage looms, much to the chagrin of profiteering vamp pharmaceutical bigwig Charles Bromley (Sam Neill), as well as those select few who’ve learned that, without regular ingestions of the crimson liquid, the population—currently discernable from humans only by their glowing eyes and permanent fangs—will transform into wild winged mutants. Smack dab in the middle of this crisis is hematologist Edward (Ethan Hawke), who never wanted to be a vampire, is intent on finding a synthetic blood substitute, and is recruited by a human resistance led by Elvis (Willem Dafoe) that has the cure for the planet’s bloodsucking affliction.

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