Hayden Childs’ Music Library: Boris to Ithdabquth Qliphoth


Boris – Japanese Heavy Rock Hits, Vol. 1 – 4 (2009). Almost immediately after my last Boris post, eMusic made Vol. 1 – 3 of this single series available for download (and a kindly friend hooked me up with a track from Vol. 4, available only for those who had bought the vinyl directly from Southern Lord). So we’re talking about a single per side for the first three – six songs – plus one extra.  Each album of the series proper features a member of Boris on the cover and that member provides the lead vocals on the two songs therein.  I think.  I wonder if this is meant to mirror the famous Kiss solo albums.  The music throughout is more along the lines of the experimental noise-pop from Smile, although there’s frequent stabs of pure metal stomp and thrash.  Interesting!  Which you can pretty much always say about Boris!

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