Nick Schager Reviews Legion

Borrowing not only Assault on Precinct 13‘s premise of strangers fending off attacking hordes while holed up in a building, but also its signature use of an ice cream truck as a vehicle for unholy evil, Legion has the good sense to mimic a classic but otherwise has no sense at all. Like The Book of Eli, Scott Stewart’s film pivots around the issue of true faith, interested as it is with an angel named Michael (Paul Bettany) who disobeys God’s orders to lead an apocalyptic military campaign against humanity by plummeting to Earth, severing his wings, and stocking up on artillery in the hopes of saving a baby destined to lead mankind to salvation. This child is in the womb of a waitress (Willa Holland) at an isolated truck stop diner in the Mojave Desert, where random folk (including Dennis Quaid, Tyrese Gibson, and Charles S. Dutton) converge just as an end-of-days swarms of flies and divinely possessed zombies begin to appear on the horizon.

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