State of the Liberal Union: Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

After reading the left-progressive reactions on The Huffington Post to what I thought was a good if not perfect State of the Union speech by Obama last night (and after weeks/months of left-progressive and even Daily Show attacks on the Democrats), it’s more clear than ever that left-progressives have trouble winning because our true strength is complaining.  Not pitching in, not supporting, but tearing down. 

So, okay, progressives, keep bitching about Obama, keep pointing out what he hasn’t done yet, keep saying he’s the same as Bush, keep fueling low Obama/Dem poll numbers, keep helping the Republicans tear him down, keep casting protest votes (or not voting at all) and then we’ll get what we secretly want:  Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin or some other monster in the White House for some true oppression and larceny and THEN we can bitch to our heart’s content, day and night, against an unbeatable enemy while dreaming of the magical perfect liberal who will someday come and rescue us all.


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