Hayden Childs’ Music Library: KMD to Kraftwerk

KMD – Mr. Hood (1991) and Bl_ck B_st_rds (2001).  This was Daniel “MF Doom” Dumile’s first group, with him recording under the name “Zev Love X” and his brother under the name “DJ Sub-Roc.”  Mr. Hood is a pretty entertaining debut, although it doesn’t have any of the dark geeky anger of Doom’s later work.  The story behind the second, long unreleased KMD album (recorded in 1993, released in 2001), goes a long way towards explaining how the sorta sweet Black Nationalist Zev Love X became the supervillain MF Doom.  While finishing work on Bl_ck B_st_rds, DJ Sub-Roc was struck by a car and killed.  Almost immediately afterwards, KMD’s label Elektra dropped the band, upset with the cover art (a Sambo image being lynched in a game of hangman) and the tougher (although still humorous) rhetoric in the lyrics.

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