The Meat City Beat Goes On

by Andrew Osborne

In Hollywood (unless you’re James Cameron), it’s usually a sign of trouble when a movie falls way behind schedule.  But with independent film, it’s usually a sign that…well, it’s an independent film and the director simply hasn’t had the precious uninterrupted time necessary to complete it.  For example, David Lynch’s Eraserhead took five years to make, forcing star Jack Nance to keep his character’s funky Don King hairstyle in place far longer than most sane men would tolerate.  Meanwhile, Eric Zala, Jayson Lamb, Chris Strompolis and their friends trumped Benjamin Button by literally aging on-screen from children to young adults during their seven-year shot-for-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

And so, by those standards, The Meat City Beatniks is right on schedule.  Starting as a short story by James Dryden — and loosely based on the early ’90s  lives of Scott Von Doviak and myself during our low rent days as screenwriters on the make in North Hollywood, CA — the project was eventually adapted into a screenplay (by Scott) and then further adapted into a musical (by me) featuring music by Eric Jacobson with lyrics by all four of us, mostly written around the time of our West Coast gulag.

After a move back to Boston (and a few abortive attempts to stage the Meat City musical), I held auditions for a guerilla film version near the end of 2006 (if memory serves) and completed principle photography (give or take a few big production numbers) sometime in…2008?  Which would mean the entire Year of Our Lord 2009 somehow slipped by with barely any time for post-production…

…but now, in 2010, editing has finally kicked into gear for the all-singin’, all-dancin’ crime comedy starring Elliot Dort, Ben Gallant, Sheree Bass, Matthew Woodward, Amy Jeglinski-Osborne, Rob McKim, Ms. Amar, Joe Gallo, Michael Sesling, Kellianne McFarlane and a cast of thousands, coming soon-ish to a theater or computer screen near you!

(And, in the meantime, please to enjoy the new teaser trailer, above, and the old trailer, below…and stay tuned!)


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