Festivus: Days 3-4

by Andrew Osborne

It’s Day 4 of SXSW, and Scott and me have turned in (relatively) early to catch our collective breaths following a tumultuous weekend, but here are some of the recent highlights…


After delicious breakfast tacos at Austin Java and a brief stop at some kind of kite festival, we attended a long, rambling (but relatively interesting and not entirely unentertaining) documentary called Dirty Pictures about (A) the scientist who inadvertently popularized Ecstasy, (B) his wife, (C) their son, (D) a bunch of scientists studying the positive (and negative) effects of psychedelic substances, (E) a DEA agent who turned his back on the War on Drugs, (F) the meaning of life, (G) cacti and (H) all the weird and wonderful things you can do and see at Burning Man.

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1 Response to “Festivus: Days 3-4”

  1. 1 Iris Steensma March 16, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    1. Nice pic of you and Wiley. He’s filling out real good.

    2. WTF happened to your beard??

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