The A.V. Club at SXSW ’10: Day Five

by Scott Von Doviak, Leonard Pierce, et al.

The People Vs. George Lucas

Director/Country/Time:  Alexandre O. Phillippe, USA, 96 min.

Cast: Neil Gaiman, Chris Gore, Glenn Kenny, Jar Jar Binks

Program: Spotlight Premières

Headline: Star Wars geeks rebel against their dark overlord.

Scott’s Take: The interviewees in Alexandre O. Phillippe’s fandom menace documentary have come both to bury George Lucas and to praise him. All seem to be in agreement that the original Star Wars trilogy (or at least the first two movies and the Ewok-free parts of Return Of The Jedi) is more than mere escapist movie serial—it’s a way of life. In their minds, Lucas is a creative genius who battled the studio system of the 1970s and came out the winner, delivering a new myth for the 20th century to millions of devoted followers. But there is a dark side to the Force, which first manifested itself in the bastardized “Special Edition” re-release of the original trilogy in the late ’90s.

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