The Top One Movie of the Week!!!!

by Scott Von Doviak & Andrew Osborne

In Nerve’s new film feature, we pore over the new releases and help you narrow down your options.

SCOTT: Release the Kraken! This Friday’s big-ticket item at the box office is, of course, the 3D remake of Clash of the Titans, starring Liam Neeson and Sam Worthington. Could this be our Top One Movie of the Week? I can’t say my hopes are especially high. Sure, it might be good, cheesy fun, but I’ve always found aged cheese to be the best kind, and as it happens, the original 1981 version of Titans is playing on TCM even as I write this. The new version may offer our first look at Jake Sully since he went blue at the end of Avatar, but how can that compete with the spectacle of master thespians Laurence Olivier and Maggie Smith hamming it up in white robes as the Greek gods Zeus and Thetis?

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