Snitchos suscipio stitchios

by Leonard Pierce

One of my favorite holdovers from the Reagan era is the fine art of blaming the press for your misdeeds.

Actually, this technique is nothing new; many people have used it for many years, and even in the modern American era it was introduced on a broad scale by Nixon. But it was Reagan who perfected it, and who managed to convince a previously skeptical segment of the American public, and a pretty vast one at that, that the real problem with the country isn’t the malfeasance, corruption and lies of people in power, but rather the “biased” media that reports on same. Reagan and his gang of crooks were absolute masters at persuading people that if they did something wrong, the real blame didn’t reside with the people responsible for the wrongdoing, but on the journalists who told the public about it, as if a crime unmentioned is a crime undone.

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