Hayden Childs’ Record Collection: From Liars to LiLiPUT/Kleenex

Liars – They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top (2001), Atheists Reconsider (split EP with Oneida, 2002), Fins To Make Us More Fish-Like (EP, 2002), Peel Sessions (EP, 2002), They Were Wrong So We Drowned (2004), Drum’s Not Dead (2006), and Liars (2007).  The early Liars brought the disco-punk with a vengeance, although their damaged art tendencies made them far more interesting than the Raptures of the world. The split with Oneida seems like it would be extraordinary but neither band is at their best. Fins and the Peel Sessions are both pretty great, but they’re the last of the dance-punk sound.  So We Drowned is a concept album about witches that has a muddy, murky, brilliant sound and Drum’s Not Dead brings that sound to fruition.  The self-titled album is a return to more straight-ahead rock (parts of it even sound like the Jesus and Mary Chain).  Fantastic band.

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