Déjà View: Five Remakes That Improve on the Originals

by Andrew Osborne

Filmgoers who recently saw trailers for The Karate Kid and A Nightmare on Elm Street would be forgiven for thinking they’d somehow traveled back to the 1980s in some kind of time-reversing Jacuzzi. But the 2010 bumper crop of remakes is just another example of Hollywood’s typical, cynical business motto: why cook up something new when you can reheat stale leftovers? Planet of the Apes, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland… the list of inferior remakes goes on and on, and we haven’t even cleared the Tim Burton aisle yet!

On the other hand, perhaps what seems like a depressing dearth of fresh ideas in the film industry is really just an admirable commitment to recycling. And, to be fair, repetition can sometimes be the stepmother of invention: thus, in the same way a talented chef can transform a pretty good loaf of day-old bread into a truly memorable New Orleans bread pudding, the following twice-told tales are Nerve’s favorite films that improved on their source material.

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