The Top One Movie of the Week (4/29)

by Scott Von Doviak & Andrew Osborne

SCOTT: One, two, Freddy’s coming for you… or maybe not. This weekend looks like the calm before the storm, as the summer blockbuster season is set to kick off next Friday with the release of Iron Man 2. Until then, we’ve got the latest Wes Craven reboot to contend with, as the erstwhile master of horror continues to pad his retirement account by selling off what remains of his legacy. The recent remakes of The Hills Have Eyes and Last House on the Left traded in the primal Manson-era skeeviness of the originals for slick, machine-tooled “thrills,” and while there’s probably no good reason to expect anything different from A Nightmare on Elm Street, I do see a couple of potential points of interest. As it happens, last Halloween I watched and reviewed every existing Elm Street movie, and one thing that struck me as a missed opportunity was the failure to explore Fred Krueger’s early career as a child-killer and his subsequent capture and torture by the good citizens of Springwood. Word has it that the new version does go a little more in-depth with the nightmare man’s pre-dreamworld life. Then there’s star Jackie Earle Haley, who was the best thing about the Watchmen movie as hard-boiled vigilante Rorschach and might be able to transform Freddy into something scarier than Henny Youngman with razor fingernails.

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