Top One Movie of the Week (5/6/10)

by Andrew Osborne & Scott Von Doviak

ANDREW:  ZING!!! POW!!! ZAP!!! Enough with the twee indie dramas and Human Centipedes… that THX Dolby surround-sound explosion you hear is the SUMMER MOVIE SEASON BLASTING DOWN THE DOOR (even though Memorial Day Weekend is still weeks away, and Clash of the Titans, How To Train Your Dragon, and Alice in Wonderland kinda jumped the gun in the whole 2010 blockbuster race). But from this point on, there’s a big A-list “event” film hitting theaters (and fast-food chains) pretty much every damn week until Labor Day, starting with Iron Man 2, one of the rare CGI orgies my lovely Polish bride actually wants to see with me, thanks to the goodwill left over from the witty, well-crafted original and the presence of comeback king (and human special-effect) Mickey Rourke in the cast as the villainous Whiplash.

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