The Top One Movie of the Week (5/13/10)

by Scott Von Doviak & Andrew Osborne

SCOTT: The summer movie season kicks into high gear as Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe look to recapture a little of that ol’ Gladiator magic, with what they’ll be only too happy to tell you is a grittier, more violent take on the Robin Hood legend. Crowe in particular has gone out of his way to disparage every existing screen incarnation of the man from Sherwood Forest, stopping just short of calling Errol Flynn a tights-wearing pansy, which hasn’t exactly endeared him to the purists — but then again, when’s the last time Crowe did anything to endear himself to anyone? That’s not to say he won’t make for a rock-solid, rough-and-tumble Hood, and I trust he can hold an accent better than Kevin Costner managed with his poofy-mulleted Robin (who, let’s be honest, actually was a bit of a tights-wearing pansy) nearly two decades ago.

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