Nick Schager Reviews Micmacs

Jeunet’s career, more or less completely doing away with narrative as a vital component and exalting mouse trap-style set pieces as a be-all end-all. To discuss the Amélie director’s latest in terms of story is almost to waste breath on a superfluous element, as his tale, from the opening sight of a woman expressing sudden grief with a grotesque open-mouthed squeak-squawk, thoroughly feigns serious, empathetic concern for characters and themes. Rather, Jeunet’s film is all about intricate domino-effect sequences designed to show off his cleverness. The nominal plot concerns a winsomely weird video store clerk named Bazil (Dany Boon) who, after surviving a stray gunshot to the head, teams up with a raft of carnival kooks to take down the rival arms manufacturers responsible for his noggin’s bullet as well as the landmine that, years earlier, killed his dad.

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