Top One Movie of the Week 6/17/10

by Andrew Osborne & Scott Von Doviak

ANDREW:  So, most weeks, Cyrus would be a shoo-in for my Top One Movie of the Week. For one thing, I’ve already seen and enjoyed it (with you, in fact) at SXSW 2010. And even if I didn’t already know it was good, I’d be inclined to pick this tale of a schlumpy divorcée battling for the affection of a single mom against the woman’s clingy maladjusted son simply because the divorcée is played by schlumpy national treasure John C. Reilly, the mom is comeback sweetheart Marisa Tomei, and the film’s eponymous little weirdo is played by the ubiquitous but reliably hilarious Jonah Hill. Plus, the film is the studio debut of mumblecore masters Jay and Mark Duplass, who’ve entertained me in the past with films like The Puffy Chair and Baghead, while also earning my cinematic respect with their neo-Cassavetes dedication to character over CGI and real human behavior over Hollywood cliché. And yet, while Cyrus is a solid, low-wattage base hit, I’ll admit it’s definitely up against some grand-slamming, big-budget mainstream (and even foreign) competition as we approach the Summer Movie Solstice.

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