Top One Movie of the Week (8/12/10)

by Andrew Osborne and Scott Von Doviak

Eat Pray Love

ANDREW: Or “Eat Pray Barf,” as a Facebook friend recently posted. My wife laughed at the joke… but then admitted (much to my surprise and horror) that she actually wants to see Top Gleek Ryan Murphy‘s cinematic adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert‘s allegedly beloved memoir, about a divorcee (Julia Roberts) who fills the emptiness of her life with fine cuisine, deep zenful thoughts, and Javier Bardem. Personally, I have a hard time rooting for a successful, gorgeous writer who travels the world for a year and still can’t find happiness until she meets an equally gorgeous and successful partner in the final reel. Plus I’m always suspicious of movies that equate spiritual fulfillment with “having it all.” But, I mean, hey, I get it.

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