Top One Movie of the Week (8/19/10)

SCOTT: It’s been four long months since the last artificial insemination comedy (The Back-Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez) hit theaters, so I’m sure that, like me, you’ve been eagerly anticipating another opportunity to share in the warm-hearted laughter that only baby batter can bring. Well, we’re in luck, because the latest high-concept Jennifer Aniston rom-com off the assembly line finds our plucky heroine inadvertently conceiving a child with the sperm of her best friend Jason Bateman. What a crazy yet relatable mix-up! Honestly, I’m struggling to find some reason to give this ill-conceived (ha!) overgrown sitcom episode the benefit of the doubt — I guess it’s nice to see Jeff Goldblum on the big screen again — but given that the directing team is responsible for the short-lived TV series based on the Geico caveman commercials… no.  Just no.

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