Top One Movie of the Week (9/9/10)

by Andrew Osborne & Scott Von Doviak

ANDREW: Holy shit! Still more Resident Evil? How is that even possible? The “characters” in the first movie were so generic that I had to come up with mental tricks just to keep track of them: let’s see, there was the star (Milla Jovovich), a cool black guy with a shaved head (who, naturally, got offed fairly early), a bland Latino guy, a bland white guy, a bland white guy with a slightly deeper voice, Michelle Rodriguez, and another bland white guy who turned out to be a traitor. (Or, wait, maybe the traitor was the white guy with the slightly deeper voice?) And yet, for all its deficiencies as drama, the film had some nice zombie action and a cool music-video sheen, while Jovovich was so beautiful shooting big guns in a teeny dress that it was hard to look away.

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