Animal Collective Hates Your Freedom!

by Hayden Childs

I love a good hiatus, but we liberal rock critic types must keep vigilant.  There’s terror centers to build at our nation’s monuments, death panels to oversee, exploding oil rigs to ignore, and most importantly, the trenchant cultural criticism of Fox News to mock.  Guess which one convinced me to put my hiatus on hiatus.

Give up?  It was this work of genius.  It’s so brilliant that the people who gave us Fox & Friends had to publish it, too!  In this amazingly well-thought-out piece (which is, I  must note, not at all 40 years past its sell-by date, so get that out of your mind now), Mr. Crowder argues that hipsters are a monolithic force of snobbish liberalism, just like those damn beatniks and hippies who keep voting for Gene McCarthy and smoking drugs in our nation’s park systems and supermarkets.

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