The One Movie You Should See (10/7/10)

by Andrew Osborne & Scott Von Doviak

Life As We Know It

ANDREW: Boy, I sure did enjoy The Town and The Social Network! Heck, I may even go see one or both of them again…especially since there doesn’t seem to be much in this week’s overloaded release schedule to lure me back to the multiplex. I mean, in theory the thought of Katherine Heigl with human feces on her face sounds at least somewhat satisfying…but in the trailer for this romantic warmedy, the moment is played for “aw shucks!” poo-poo diaper laughs when virtual strangers Heigl and Josh Duhamel are tasked with raising a dead friend’s baby together (perhaps by the same judge who sentenced that guy to be Jerry’s butler on Seinfeld). But I’m guessing the fact the aforementioned dead friend is played (however briefly) by Mad Men‘s va-va-voomy Christina Hendricks gives you at least one (or maybe two…hyuck-hyuck!!!!) reasons to see Life As We Know It.

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