Virtual Island of Entertainment!

by Andrew Osborne

What’s that, Oprah?  You’re saying everyone reading this just won a FREE TROPIC ISLAND VACATION????

Well, yes — a virtual vacation, that is — on VIE (“Virtual Island of Entertainment”), an upcoming MMO (or “Massively Multiplayer Online”) game from the good people at enVie Entertainment!

And what does one do on a virtual vacation, you may ask?  Well, after picking your avatar (meaning a perfectly coiffed and toned version of yourself, as opposed to a giant blue Na’avi), you can wander around and check out all the sights:  the exclusive shops, the white sand beaches, the opulent casino, the mysterious lifeboat that just washed ashore, the antique coffin bobbing in the waves…

But why, you may ask, is a casket floating off the coast of a beautiful make-believe vacation resort?  And what of the rumors of a missing bartender and a tragedy at sea?  

Well, as the head writer, I can only tell you things aren’t always what they appear on VIE…but if you’re the sort who enjoys a little sleuthing with your socializing and would like to visit a brand new virtual world (and maybe get a chance to offer feedback!) before the island gets all touristy, then be sure to visit the VIE website and sign up to experience the ultimate getaway for people too busy to get away!


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