The One Movie You Should See This Week (10-21-10)

by Andrew Osborne & Scott Von Doviak

ANDREW: Eek! That’s both the sound of the Halloween mini-season rising from its crypt to suck the cash of the living, and also the noise I made during the one truly scary moment of the original Paranormal ActivityI mean, hey, I’m a fan of low-budget, non-torture-porn horror, and I definitely enjoyed watching the lovely and talented Katie Featherston creep around in her nightclothes. It’s just that I wasn’t as blown away by the film’s modest charms as some critics. Sure, it was fun watching the flick unfold in a theater full of fidgety filmgoers uncertain what to expect, and the faux-vérité style was a clever gimmick the first time around. But will a baby, a dog, a couple extra million dollars of production value, and a fancy Hollywood director result in a satisfying revamp, or a misbegotten disaster of Blair Witch 2 proportions?

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