Why Vote G.O.P.?

by Andrew Osborne

We usually don’t get all that political here at the Screengrab In Exile, and I’m as sick of election coverage as anyone…but with just a few hours left before what the media has been telling us for months will be another glorious victory for conservatives (whether they call themselves Republicans, Tea Partiers, Confederates, or whatever), I just wanted to offer a few reminders about why NOT voting Democratic on Election Day is a terrible, terrible idea.

#1:  Conservatives cite the deficit when blocking unemployment benefits, but ignore it when giving tax breaks to millionaires and trust fund kids who’ve never worked a day in their lives.

#2:  Deregulation + Drill, Baby, Drill! = Gulf Coast tragedy.

#3: Republicans blasted Obama for a weekend vacation in Maine, but didn’t mind Bush spending 1/3 of his presidency (literally!) at Camp David and his Crawford ranch.

#4:  Historically, guess who fought against child labor laws, the 40 hour week and voting rights for women?  (Hint:  it wasn’t the liberals.)

#5: They DON’T want government regulating corporations, but DO want government regulating our love lives.  

#6: Simply opposing everything the Democrats say or do isn’t leadership.

#7: Conservatives oppose the “Ground Zero Mosque” because it’s insensitive to the feelings of 9/11 victims.  Funny, considering some of those same conservatives called the 9/11 widows money-grubbing fame whores when they opposed Bush (and also can’t understand why blacks object to the Confederate flag).

#8:  During the era of Bush’s tax cuts for the rich, the deficit exploded and the economy crashed to nearly Great Depression levels.  So how, exactly, did those Bush tax cuts HELP the economy?

#9:  Why do conservatives from the states that tried to (or want to) secede from the U.S. keep lecturing us about patriotism and the “real” America?

#10. Even the conservative magazine The Economist admits Obama’s loan to GM saved jobs and boosted the economy.

#11.  Ignoring facts you don’t like is a terrible way to govern.  For example,  conservative areas that refuse to teach anything but abstinence tend to have the highest teen pregnancy rates. 

#12.  Hey, liberals and independents!  Like complaining about Obama and the Democrats?  Won’t it be great when the Republicans are in power again and you’ll get to complain even MORE?

#13. Have you noticed how many Republican candidates got rich sending jobs overseas? 

#14. Conservatives want to strip power from representative government and give it to unaccountable corporations.  Is that really what you want?

 #15.  Why is it that people who can afford luxury cars don’t want to pay taxes for the roads they drive on?

#16: G.O.P. “small government” in action includes Arizona’s private prison industry supporting the anti-immigrant bill to keep their prisons full (and profitable): http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=130833741

I could go on and on…there are dozens (hundreds?  thousands?) of reasons for the average American not to vote for conservatives, stretching back to the birth of the nation (see What’s the Matter With Kansas? and Blinded By The Right:  The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative  just for starters).

But America will keep voting Republican no matter what, I guess…so enjoy the gridlock!


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