The One Movie You Should See This Week (12/16/10)

by Scott Von Doviak

Even as someone who was the right age to be part of the target market for the original TRON, I’m baffled by the existence of this extremely tardy sequel. I don’t remember anyone really loving the original, despite all the hype about special effects created by computers, of all things — in fact, we were more excited about the TRON videogame than the movie itself. But Disney’s market research must have indicated an appetite for a return to the virtual world of light cycles and glowing discs, so they’ve reportedly invested some $200 million in this follow-up featuring Garrett Hedlund as the son of original hacker Jeff Bridges, who is still trapped in the cyber-universe. My curiosity about this movie begins and ends with the CGI rendition of young Jeff Bridges, which could either be a cool conceit or a digital disaster. Aside from that novelty, I have no desire to revisit the world of TRON… unless I can track down a vintage edition of the videogame.

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