Amy Osborne’s Top Ten Films of 2010

1. Please Give

I saw this movie as a cautionary tale, in that I’m afraid I’m going to turn into that crabby old lady who has no zest for life.  Also, I love Rebecca Hall’s face.  And I have to root for Nicole Holofcener, too, because there aren’t enough directresses.

2. True Grit

Jeff Bridges + the Coen Brothers + Little Blackie = Instant Classic.

 3. The Town

I had to see this movie since it was my duty as a Bostonian.  Seeing it with an audience from Charlestown was a religious experience.  Also, the butterness that is Jon Hamm.  And Rebecca Hall.  (Oh, and how the fuck did they film those chase scenes in the North End?  I’m still trying to get my mind around that.)

 4. 127 Hours

James Franco’s performance had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end, and it was surprisingly moving.  And it’s impossible not to be entertained watching a Danny Boyle movie, what with all the burnt sienna vistas, Dido and Sigur Ross songs and Franco’s emotive puss.

 5. Tiny Furniture

Lena Dunham is a refreshing new voice in cinema.  I’m really curious to see where this girl’s career is headed, because she has a unique perspective and isn’t afraid of exposing her thunder thighs.

 6. The Fighter

On paper, this should be the most contrived movie ever written, but everybody in the cast just nailed it (and I even bought Amy Adams as a badass Lowell chick, although she doesn’t have the hard craggy face of the actual Lowell actresses).

 7. The Kids Are All Right

I learned a lot about sexuality from this movie, and how ambiguous the lesbian psyche is.  Also, the two lead characters resemble my gay male friends, Mark and Cristian.  And Ruffles — what’s not to love about Ruffles?  Almost as yummy as Rebecca Hall.

8. Winter’s Bone

A cavalcade of  wizened yet riveting character actors (Deadwood’s John Hawkes!!!!) and just bleak enough to make me feel better about my own life.

9. Get Low

I feel that Robert Duvall was vastly underappreciated for his amazing performance in this movie, although Sissy Spacek’s assembly-line nose job (circa 1972) isn’t aging well and I found it a little distracting.  (Also, a delightful cameo by Bill Ghostbustin’ Ass Murray).

10. Cyrus

One rarely sees a John C. Reilly hook up with a Marisa Tomei in real life, but somehow it really worked here and this Polack bought it.  This movie was surprisingly poignant and kind of under the radar — but one of the best love stories of the year (even though Rebecca Hall wasn’t in it).


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