Being Human: “There Goes The Neighborhood – Part Two”

by Scott Von Doviak

Greetings, vamps, wolves, and ghosties. I’ll be your Being Human TV Club representative for the rest of the season, so I’m legally obligated to tell you right off the bat that I have almost no prior knowledge of the original British version of this show. I’ve seen one episode (the first), and I didn’t see that one until after I’d watched the premiere of the SyFy series last week. Furthermore, I’ve made an executive decision not to delve any deeper into the U.K. series, at least until this season is over. I figure it’s my job to judge the American edition on its own merits, especially since there must be dozens of places around the Intertubes offering up beat-by-beat comparisons between the two.  We all know how that usually goes: The British version rules; the U.S. version can go die in a fire.

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