Being Human: It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Wrong

by Scott Von Doviak

It’s date night on Being Human, and as is so often the case, date night is not quite as much fun as you might have hoped. Josh finally works up the nerve to ask Nurse Nora (formerly known here as Dr. Blondie, before you kind commenters set me straight) over for dinner, and it turns out she can’t resist his stammering charm, even though it takes him a while to realize this. Aidan gets a late Valentine from Rebecca, but it’s not the mix CD it at first appears to be; instead, it’s a vampire porn/snuff movie (which would probably sell quite well in our Twilight age, come to think of it).

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1 Response to “Being Human: It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Wrong”

  1. 1 Socadia March 11, 2011 at 11:36 pm

    That’s our song, “Catch Me” playing when Aidan takes Emily and Sally to the club.

    If you like the song, please visit our website and support our band!

    Thanks everyone!
    _dusty and Socadia

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