Hayden Childs’ Record Collection: Minutemen

I submit to you that the Minutemen were the greatest of American punk bands.  They were the Platonic ideal of a rock band: three guys having adventures, asking big questions, searching for enough scratch to do it again tomorrow, making music that drew on wildly different sources into something wholly unlike what had come before it.  They traveled the same circuit and played the same shows as hardcore bands, but all their sound shared with hardcore were anger and brevity.  Instead of drawing on metal and the Ramones, the Minutemen built their sound from the angular art-rock of Captain Beefheart, Wire, and The Pop Group, which meshed with their influences from their beloved Creedence Clearwater Revival and Blue Oyster Cult into short, complex songs with passion, humor, and sweet heavens, how much fun.  Dennes “D.” Boon on guitar and vocals.  Mike Watt on thunderbroom and vocals.  George Hurley all over the damn drumset. They weren’t lying when they sang, “our band could be your life.”

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