Nick Schager Reviews Rango

A rollicking, surreal, and existential kids’ Western that worships at the altars of Sergio Leone, Hunter S. Thompson, and Chinatown, Rango drowns under the weight of discordant objectives and influences. With his crooked neck, bug eyes, and Hawaiian shirt, reptilian Rango (boisterously voiced by Johnny Depp) is a Ralph Steadman creation come to anxious anthropomorphic life.  A lizard with delusions of dramatist grandeur, Rango is unceremoniously stranded in a simmering Nevada desert, eventually stumbling upon the drought-plagued frontier town of Dirt. Assuming the part of a lifetime, Rango feigns gunslinger grit and nabs himself the job of sheriff tasked with returning water to the thirsty citizenry—a heroic mission that director Gore Verbinski and Industrial Light & Magic (both working on their first fully animated features) visualize with inventive photorealistic cartoonishness.

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1 Response to “Nick Schager Reviews Rango”

  1. 1 amy March 7, 2011 at 1:19 am

    I have to say this movie would have been nice if they didn’t swear the whole movie through.
    I say at least 7-10 of them.

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