B-List: It Was Bingoer Last Year

by Leonard Pierce

This joke has been cribbed about a million times recently, but I originally wrote it — with some assists from Angie Epley (center square) and Whitney Pastorek (B-6) — in 2007, so I’m claiming credit for the original idea.  Plus, mine is funnier.  Prove me wrong, internet.

It’s time once again for everyone’s favorite fun game, SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST BINGO!  Bring this card with you to all badge-only events.  First to get a bingo receives a free CD by the band that gets sixteen thousand column-inches of hype and then is completely forgotten about within eight months!

B-6: Extremely tall tattooed girl with dreadlocks waiting to be discovered by Suicide Girls photographer, making out with her curiously short boyfriend

 B-7: Overdressed record industry guy with exposed chest hair talking non-stop into a Bluetooth earpiece

B-11: Roky Erickson

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