The Sandwich Century – #7: The Bauru Sandwich

make it a double

by Leonard Pierce

Sometimes, in life, you simply have to take things on faith.  Such is the case with this week’s sandwich, the existence of which I have only Wikipedia’s word and the vague memories of a friend of mine who spent her honeymoon in São Paolo to confirm.  For all I know the thing is actually a 4chan prank and I’ve wasted valuable time and grocery money concocting one in my kitchen, but let’s be honest:  I have to down a hundred goddamn sandwiches for this mad project.  I can’t afford to start disqualifying them just because they might be imaginary.  Besides, even if the thing is just a figment of someone’s imagination, it’s better than the all-too-real cold baked bean sandwich.  I’ll take invented and tasty over genuine and grody any day of the week.

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