Nick Schager Reviews Real Steel

Will Sylvester Stallone receive residuals from Real Steel? He certainly should, and by the boatload, given the way in which Shawn Levy’s sci-fi robot-boxing film apes not only Rocky’s underdog-makes-good trajectory and in-ring finale, but also Over the Top‘s dynamic of a father making amends with the son he abandoned by beating the athletic odds while driving across expansive, picturesque country in a big rig. Suffice it to say, this uplifting sports movie, loosely based on Richard Matheson’s short story “Steel,” has little new to offer anyone over the age of 10, but then, that’s about its target audience, who will also be unlikely to notice the overarching imprint of executive-producer Steven Spielberg on the dads-and-boys-fighting-‘bots-amid-Midwestern-cornfields proceedings.

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