The Third Annual Nerve Awards for Love On Film

by Phil Nugent, Andrew Osborne, et al.

Each year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gives out a bunch of awards. Here at Nerve, we also have an annual award show, more modestly confined to matters of the heart/loins. Welcome to the third annual Nerve Awards for Love on Film. 

Tragic-est Love Story – Bellflower

Given that I’m a happily married man of a certain age, Bellflower initially struck me as an over-the-top exercise in style-obsessed hipster melodrama.  Yet at the same time, writer/director/star Evan Glodell’s indie feature was also a pretty effective reminder of the romantic nihilism I used to feel in the days when I, too, was a melodramatic, style-obsessed twentysomething hipster.  Tearing around the fever dream grey area between fantasy and reality in a flame-spewing muscle car, Glodell’s guileless young romantic protagonist hardens into an apocalyptic road warrior in exactly the way you’d want to after a devastating heartbreak (as opposed to all the pathetic drunk-dialing, Facebook stalking and bad poetry that usually occurs).  (AO)

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