Vertigo: The Rewatch

by Andrew Osborne

Many years ago, I watched the classic Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece Vertigo and thought…meh.  But recently, my internet chum Tom Block urged me to give the tale of acrophobia, romantic obsession and powerful hair dye another chance.  Herewith, my findings:

Vertigo Re-Watch: First Quarter Recap

1. Okay, so far I’m enjoying it more than I remembered enjoying it.
2. Yes, it’s definitely goddamn beautiful, but that part I remember.
3. I’m guessing this is one of David Lynch’s favorite movies.
4. I don’t remember the whole Midge part, but now I’m kinda fascinated by Midge.

5. I totes wanna play L.A. Noire now.
6. Jimmy Stewart is a terrible, terrible detective. Seriously, who tails someone into a freakin’ alley?  Dude, Madeleine is standing right there!  She can totally see you!
7. I’m only just now realizing how much I miss cars with hard plastic steering wheels.
8. It’s hard to dislike a movie where a character talks about “rubbing olive oil on my rubber plant leaves.”

Vertigo Re-Watch: Halftime Recap

1. Thanks to my friend Scott Von Doviak for agreeing to lend me his copy of L.A. Noire.
2. That Jimmy Stewart’s a tall drink o’ water, eh?
3. “Sad Carlotta…Mad Carlotta…”
4. I get how part of the appeal of this movie is the heterosexual male’s eternal struggle with the completely illogical yet insatiable desire for hot, crazy chicks we should obviously run run run away from post-haste.
5. Speaking of which, for all of Kim Novak’s beauty here, she’s still way hotter in Bell, Book & Candle as a sexy beatnik witch.
6. I didn’t remember until now that Sleep No More‘s McKittrick Hotel came from this.
7. The Sequoia scene is pretty awesome.

Vertigo Re-Watch: 3rd Quarter Stretch

1. Seriously…what’s up with Midge? Her weird painting reminded me of Paulie Walnuts’s painting of Tony Soprano with the horse.

2. Nice dream sequence, Hitch! (I especially love Jimmy’s flapping hair!)
3. Two more awesome aspects: Bernard Hermann (as always) and the red flocked wallpaper in that bar.
4. Is the film very drag queeny, or were the ’50s just super drag queeny in general?
5. Boy, if Jimmy Stewart had just made it a few more steps to the top of that belltower, it would have been super awkward!
6. Is it the common consensus that brunette Kim Novak as Judy is way hotter than blonde Kim Novak as Madeleine?

7. I definitely get how this is Hitchcock’s Sgt. Pepper since it’s arguably the Hitchiest of the Hitch.

Vertigo Re-Watch: Post-Game Show

1. I guess my previously problem with Vertigo is still the same: namely that I just don’t buy Jimmy Stewart’s switch to obsessed weirdo midway through. On the other hand, assuming one just goes with it, the visceral nature of Stewart’s fetishistic obsession is pretty amazing, especially for 1958 (and, of course, infinitely influential).
2. And seriously…what’s with Midge? Poor Midge!

3. I remember being freaked out by the climactic nun at the end, and she didn’t disappoint…although the ending was more abrupt than I remembered.
4. But I definitely got more out of it this time…though I still like Rear Window better (and I also think it’s funny that Jimmy Stewart was Hitch’s go-to guy for wounded weirdo).
5. My wife was saying how the rap on Kim Novak is that she’s not considered a very good actress…but, y’know, damn

Anyway, that’s all for tonight! And remember to tip your waitresses!

(“It’s a brassiere! You know about those things…you’re a big boy now!”)


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