Breaking Bad Bingo: Blue Meth Edition

by Andrew Osborne

There’s already a fine Breaking Bad Bingo card on the web, but with only two episodes left in the penultimate (half) season of Breaking Bad, this version of the game is all about putting your blue meth-enhanced prediction skills to the test!

GOAL:  Score five correct picks between now and the final episode.


1. Pick seven possible plot outcomes from the list below (click on the image and zoom for easier reading).

2. Post your seven picks in a comment on this post (i.e., B2-B9-R-3-E-6-E10-A5-K-4)

3. The first player whose five picks come true is the Grand Heisenberg of Breaking Bad Blue Meth Bingo and/or any player whose five picks come true by the end of the series earns a spot in the Los Pollos Hermanos Hall of Fame.

4. Picks aren’t available after they happen on the show, so make your picks quick!

5. Good luck!


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