Retro Active: Krull (1983)


by Nick Schager

For those who thought that Star Wars was awesome but could have used more elements from Greek mythology, the legend of King Arthur, and The Lord of the Rings, true satisfaction came in the form of Krull, a shamelessly unoriginal attempt to piggyback on the success of George Lucas‘ iconic sci-fi franchise. Peter Yates‘ 1983 film makes plain its derivation from its opening moments, in which a star cruiser passes by the camera, and then table-setting narration lays out the narrative groundwork: on the planet of Krull, an evil race of world-conquering aliens known as Slayers, and led by The Beast, have taken over, but a prophesy foretells that a princess will choose a husband and together they will rule the land, and their son in turn will rule the galaxy.

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