Scott Von Doviak Recaps The Joe Schmo Finale

Another reason the fake Joe Schmo Show is more real than almost any other reality series: I can’t remember the last time I felt so nervous watching an episode of television as I did with tonight’s series finale, “The Reveal.” As much as I enjoy a show like Survivor, I’m not really all that invested in the outcome anymore. I have my rooting interests, but in the end, it doesn’t much matter to me which dirty, starving person walks away with the million. But as tonight’s episode opened, I realized I was invested in Chase and what his reaction would be when the curtain was pulled back to reveal his entire time on the show had been a lie. I really didn’t want to see this guy get hurt, and as the big moment approached (and the editors expertly crafted the build-up for maximum tension), the pit in my stomach kept growing.

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