An Open Letter to the DCCC

My inbox was flooded by fundraising requests from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in the past few months.  Today I finally wrote back to them.

Hi!  I’m not sure if anyone’s reading this, but just in case, I’d like to pass along a message to the DCCC and the Democratic Party in general.

I’m a lifelong Democrat, and I think President Obama has been the greatest president of my lifetime.  He’s accomplished some amazing things in the past six years, especially considering the outrageous behavior of the G.O.P. (from day one of his administration) and the mess he inherited from George W. Bush.
So it sickened me this campaign season to watch Democratic candidates distance themselves from their President, their principles, and their accomplishments.
And then most of them lost anyway.
Trashing  your own President, Party, and accomplishments is a ridiculous strategy, and it’s a mistake Democrats make again and again.  Al Gore distancing himself from Bill Clinton hurt his campaign way more than Ralph Nader ever did.
So tell your candidates to trumpet their accomplishments and support their President if he’s doing a good job.  Obama’s popularity is down because conservatives are spreading misinformation and the U.S. is facing difficult problems with no easy solutions?  SUPPORT the President, don’t abandon him.
Harvey Milk made a huge difference in the gay rights struggle by convincing gay men and women to come out of the closet.  It’s easy to hide when people are attacking what you are, but the hiding just makes those attacks even easier.  Once Americans realized their friends, relatives, and co-workers were gay, they also realized the attacks against them were ignorant and unfounded.
Democrats need to do the same thing:  don’t run from being Democrats.  I’m glad the DSCC pulled funding from the Alison Grimes campaign when she stupidly pretended she didn’t vote for Obama (thereby adding fuel to Republican attacks about the current Administration somehow being a failure).
If the DCCC refuses to support terrible Democratic campaigns in the future, I may contribute again to the DCCC in 2016.
And if Democrats don’t run from their own accomplishments, they may actually win again someday.
Best regards,
Andrew Osborne
Somerville, MA

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