Orphans & Oddities: Recreation Brochures by Andrew Osborne



 While you’re in Alabama, go “Back to Avalon” and visit KENNY LOGGINS KOUNTRY!

Just forty minutes from Dollywood, KENNY LOGGINS KOUNTRY is 44 acres of “Footloose” Family Fun!

Drop by the Loggins and Messina Hoedown Hall to prove that your mama can dance and your daddy can rock and roll!  Then climb aboard Kenny’s Kaddyshack II Karts and prove that you’re “Nobody’s Fool (Theme to Caddyshack II)” on Kenny’s 10-hole miniature golf kourse!

Maybe you’ll meet Kenny himself as you ride “Halfway Across the Sky” on the Over The Top® SkyTram!  Thrill seekers can venture into “The Danger Zone” where a ride in Kenny’s Kockpit is sure to make you feel like a Top Gun.




You CAN go home again!

Take a break from the pressures of your vacation at AMERICA’S FAMILY REUNION!  No rides, no shops, no water slides…just 30 acres of back porches, picnic tables, and relatives who could be YOURS!  Our Animatronic Family is so authentic, you’ll feel like you’ve listened to their stories a hundred times…even when you’ve only heard them once!!!

Kick your feet up in Cousin Ruthie’s Kitchen and pour yourself a tall, cool glass of lemonade.  Then wander down to the Barbeque Pit for some of Uncle Hoyt’s overcooked hamburgers!  Play horseshoes and talk politics with Uncle Bart…or, if you’re in a quieter mood, you can do some fishin’ at Ol’ Sutter Pond and have a few cold frosty ones with Grampa Phil.  And if you start feelin’ a little drowsy, feel free to stretch out on one of our TWO HUNDRED hammocks!




Come see where it all begins!

An entire town devoted to beef stew?  That’s Dinty Moore, Pennsylvania, home of world famous Dinty Moore Beef Stew!

Tour our factory and see the 500 gallon vats where those special Dinty Moore ingredients are blended to perfection:  that’s a lotta stew!

Visit the fields where Dinty Moore farmers grow those special Dinty Moore peas and carrots.  Stroll down Bouillon Boulevard and see that in Dinty Moore, Pennsylvania, even the streetlights are topped with cans of stew!

At the end of the day, you’ll have memories to last a lifetime.  And as a special souvenir, each guest receives…a free can of Dinty Moore Beef Stew!

DINTY MOORE, PENNSYLVANIA:  Stew…and so much more!



Come to first theme park in Soviet Union.

See colorfully costumed fantasy characters.  They also see you, comrade.

Ride Ferris Wheel.

Ride Merry-Go-Round.

Go home.

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