Project Runway: The Straight Guy Perspective (S14, Episode Eight)

by Andrew Osborne

No time for a full recap this week, so here are the tweets that tell the story!

– You’re not seriously gonna tell me when the Rachel Zoe starts for the WHOLE FRIGGIN’ EPISODE ARE YOU? I’M NOT WATCHING ZOE!

1:27:56 until Rachel Zoe! 1:27:55 until Rachel Zoe! 1:27:54 until Rachel Zoe! Oh, wait…is something else happening on TV?

1:26:56 until Rachel Zoe! 1:26:55 until Rachel Zoe! 1:26:54 until Rachel Zoe! And the challenge is about Broadway, I guess.

OK, I’ll try to forget about the annoying Rachel Zoe countdown clock and just imagine Tim’s B&W (and shades of grey) dreams.

– Cuoco & Lindsey = inspired by dark childhood memories. Boston Kelly, inspired by the cool Broadway bathroom. I love Kelly.

Tim’s reminder that one of the designers will get eliminated is nearly as pointless as the Zoe countdown clock. !!!

– Seems the musical also sent Ashley into a morbid contemplation of death. Note to self: do NOT see Finding Neverland.

Oh, the Cuoc, babe, has such teeth, dear, and she shows them pearly white! (Seriously…Cuoco’s got scary piranha teeth)

How can the designers lose track of time with that helpful Zoe countdown clock hanging over their heads THE WHOLE EPISODE?

This is the episode where Hipster Lindsey learns about panic and other human emotions.

Laurie, make it work! I don’t want you gone! Swapnil, looking good! Edmond…not so much.

Swapnil: She’s wearing two hats for a blouse! Ashley: Yuck.

– Cuoco: vampire geisha. Kelly: Gloves, but also Elaine Stritch’s bathrobe.

– Laurie: Game of Thrones wench-wear, in a bad way. Merline: Game of Thrones, but in a good way. Lindsey: Dull.

– Edmond: The love child of Grimace and Cookie Monster. But wait…how the hell is Merline not in the Top?

I’m guessing Cuoc-sferatu on top and Lindsey’s heading back to Austin.

Lindsey’s long national nightmare is over.

And…TV’s off! !

See you next week!


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