The Plan (364)

by Andrew Osborne

So, now that I’m 364 days away from 50, let me tell you about the plan.

In the ’80s, I set my sights on Hollywood, hoping to become a screenwriter.  During the ’90s, I actually sold a couple of ultimately unproduced screenplays to Warner Bros, but I also wound up writing some independent films that made their way to various theaters, film festivals (including Sundance), and/or late night cable TV.  I wrote a bunch of scripts that were never produced, some of which wound up re-purposed for the stage or web videos, while others have never been shared with readers or audiences.

Screenwriting lead to other work-for-hire opportunities in the worlds of television, theater, video games, comic books, and websites, as chronicled at my newly revamped website

But for most of my working life, I’ve been a writer-for-hire, working for start-ups that never started and/or on projects that inevitably ended.  I had some hits and misses, but I’ve never really done the heavy lifting of selling my stuff directly and building an audience of my own.

Until now.

Now, with 50 breathing down my neck, I have a first novel (Building Heaven) on the verge of publication, then after that I’m starting a game company…

…and this blog will be a chronicle of the dog & pony show to come, with occasional detours to SXSW, the Oscars, the Bermuda Triangle and beyond.

Naturally, it may all end in tears.  2016 is less than a month old, and so far it’s already thrown a sick cat, a messed up home heating system, and a car breakdown far from home at me.  Plus, I currently work a half dozen freelance and part-time jobs that take up nearly all of my productive time.

So, will 50 be just another birthday, or will I have laid the groundwork for a new career direction by then?

Stay tuned, and fasten your seatbelts…it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.










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