The Next Step (361)


by Andrew Osborne

The lovely and talented artist Jana Christy put the finishing touches on the cover of my novel last week, and I just need about two, maybe three hours to submit the artwork and final-ish text, then my first novel will be ready for people to actually buy…about six weeks from now, when it appears on Amazon and other sales websites.  Likewise, I need about a day (or maybe two) to format the eBook…followed by another six week wait for it to actually appear in e-stores.  (I’ve discovered the audio book’s gonna take a bit longer…but that’s a story for another day.)

So, I’m thiiiiiiis close to…well, about a six week wait before I can actually start marketing the book.  All I need is a day and a half (or maybe two) of uninterrupted work.  Unfortunately, I have no idea when that’ll be, since I’m teaching two classes for UCLA Extension (double my usual term load, but also double the money…though it’s not that much extra money).  Plus, I’ve got Tuesday and Saturday night classes, I’m recruiting for a start-up part-time and transcribing sermons for Princeton University (another story for another day) the rest of the week.  Plus, the latest 2016 mishap:  my car’s windshield wipers just gave out, so I’m gonna have to find time to get to the garage and…

…what’s that, Morpheus?



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