FramingCon (357)


by Andrew Osborne

So, no direct progress on any projects today…but at least I was in the general ballpark of the neighborhood of progress as I stopped by FramingCon, a hardcore gaming weekend my friend Matt runs four times a year.  In addition to movies and video games (in a Hollywood studio-quality screening room), every type of board, card, dice, role-playing, trivia, and miscellaneous amusement from billiards to Kickstarter prototypes are being played on every available surface in every corner of the multi-level house.

The great thing about FramingCon is that it actively welcomes new people and new games — in fact, my own upcoming release, It’s A Wrap, received a tough but fair playtest a few months ago (which helped immeasurably in the design process).  I’m hoping to premiere a new project there at the spring (or possibly summer), along with the next-gen version of my previous effort…but in the meantime, it was fun just to reconnect with fellow strategery enthusiasts and discover my new favorite party favor, Codenames.

And now, it’s time for the wife and I to go enjoy a little puppet sex.




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