ISBN-tropy (356)

Heaven Revised CoverX

by Andrew Osborne

So, here’s an approximation of the new Building Heaven cover…now, with 100% more actual title and author’s name thanks to Jana Christy (as opposed to my original idea of publishing the book with just a mysterious image on the front, which apparently would cause some sort of trouble with distribution).  And then, aggravatingly enough, there was some format trouble with the image not quite lining up properly with the size of the actual trade paperback (meaning the image at right will lose its feet when it goes to press to make everything come out right).

And after that came the perfectly boring topic of ISBN numbers, bar codes, and pricing, which I spent far too much of today studying (in much the same way I wound up learning a lot about edge coding, negative cutting and other expensive, time-consuming, and deadly dull topics during the grueling post-production phase of my last great independent project, Apocalypse Boplong after the fun of the actual creative work was done and before the equally long road of marketing began).

But still, with a little luck (and another hour or so of work in the morning), there’s a fair chance the print edition of the opus may actually be complete and ready for the printers as of tomorrow, so….progress!


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