Where Nothing Ever Happens (355)

by Andrew Osborne

Two new hold-ups with the publication of my novel today…one completely unexpected (which I’ll discuss later), and one inevitable.

The former issue is exasperating, but I saw the latter coming for a while:  namely the fact that, after countless drafts, I finally had to concede to the reality that, for all intents and purposes, popular song lyrics simply can’t be included in small press works.  And apparently there’s no wiggle room:  the artists themselves may or not care, but the music industry will definitely hunt your ass down if you haven’t secured the proper permissions (and paid the appropriate fees) for referencing even a single line of the sorts of well-known lyrics that surround and infuse our modern lives at all times like oxygen.

So, farewell to the sweet opening epigraph of my novel (“Every one of us has a Heaven inside” from Kate Bush’s “Them Heavy People”) and 13 words of a Talking Heads song hummed by my novel’s protagonist at one point.  Your copyrights are officially safe from the likes of me.


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